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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain  


ENGLISH WORKSHOP is an English Language School that provides English courses to raise foreign language proficiency towards the goal of acquiring communication skills that will be useful in a society where there is increasing cross border mobility and diversity. With an increasing interest in learning English in Japan, English Workshop would be an ideal school for learners from all works of life. 

Here at English Workshop, we impart not only English communication skill but also raise awareness and acceptance of culture differences to our students. Come! Experience and discover the joy of learning with us. 

Explore  .  Experience  .  Discover  

The joy of learning English with us!

It's never too late
to start learning English. 
Study at any level,
from Beginner to expert.

Don't hesitate to take your first step with us! Come join us!

A place where students can be at ease and enjoy while learning. We focus on teaching English  as a language not as a school subject. English is primarily spoken during the lesson but at times Japanese is being used to explain word or phrase meanings when  students are in doubt.

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Expand your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Grammar is the basic of English but what's after that basic step. Most students become lost to what to focus on learning English. Some of them said, " 英語分かるけど、単語が難し。"  The problem they faced is the lack of vocabulary and expressions understanding.


For example, the idiom: 

          Building sandcastle in the air.

What does it mean?

And how do we use it in a sentence?


Here at English Workshop, we will take you on a journey into the world of English, discovering that there are still so many things to learn about English. 

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